About Juergen Vollmer

This blog will document my journey to internet success for you, my readers and friends. This is my third professional career after my academic life in the seventies of last century and my career as an international official in the services of the European Commission in Luxembourg.

After my retirement in October 1999 we moved south to Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol to enjoy a higher quality of life on the sunny coasts of Europe.

I have already failed many times before when trying to set up an internet business, but this time will be different. I am sure that I shall succeed. You know why?

I have found a mentor!

Alex Jeffreys will help me and many others to get a jump start early next year and we are laying the foundation for that right now. Alex is coaching a group of “internauts” and will lead us to success following his own experience and learning from his failures and successes.

See you all on the other side….